Frequently asked questions on packaging licensing

Das sind die wichtigsten Fragen und Antworten rund um die Verpackungslizenzierung für Onlinehändler!

These are the most important questions and answers with regard to packaging licensing for online retailers!
Further information is also provided in our video, which briefly and succinctly explains the German Packaging Ordinance!

What is the German Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV)?

The German Packaging Ordinance is a statutory provision which aims at minimising the amount of packaging waste. The legislative authority basically intends packaging waste to be avoided as much as possible. Where it is inevitable, an as high as possible portion of it is to be recycled.

What is the consequence of the Ordinance?

The Ordinance takes away the responsibility for packaging from the end customer and shifts it to those who bring the packaging into circulation. Thus, in case of doubt the retailers who pack their goods for shipping. And because – especially if it is a mail order company – the retailer is not able to deal with all the individual packaging, the systems mentioned in the Ordinance have been created.

What kind of systems are these?

These systems are the so-called dual systems. A total of nine providers are currently approved as dual systems in Germany. They act as agent between retailers and end customers as it were and see to it that any packages are returned to the resource cycle.

How exactly is this done?

End customers can dispose of the packaging free of charge at the corresponding collection points. Paper into the paper bin, plastics into the yellow bag and glass into the waste glass containers. As this system exists parallel to the classic domestic waste disposal system, it is called the “dual system”. The costs for disposal are born by the retailers and are apportioned to all parties involved. The amount to be paid depends on the volume and type of packaging put into circulation.

What do I as a retailer have to do?

As a retailer, you must join one of the dual systems. This is done by means of an agreement and specification of the approximate packaging volume put into circulation. Once a year, the final volume then has to be reported and where necessary, a small additional fee has to be paid.

I only dispatch a few parcels – do I nevertheless have to do all this?

The German Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV) does not provide for any minimum limits – as soon as you are putting any packaging into circulation, you will have to join one of the dual systems. For minimal packaging material quantities, Landbell offers an easy and convenient solution! For only 75 Euro per year, you can license up to 150 kg of packaging – fast, easy and uncomplicated.