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Frequently asked questions about packaging licensing

These are the most important questions and answers about packaging licensing for online retailers!

You will also find further information in our Video about the "VerpackV" -Short and concise explanations!

What is the Packaging Ordinance "VerpackV" ?

VerpackV is a legal regulation whose aim is to minimise the quantities of packaging waste. In principle, the legislator provides that packaging waste should be avoided where possible. If it is unavoidable, the highest possible quota of recycling should be supplied.

What is the consequence of the regulation?

The regulation takes responsibility for the packaging away from the end customer and shifts it to those who put the packaging on the market. In case of doubt, the dealers who pack their goods ready for shipment. Since you cannot take care of the individual packaging – especially as a mail order retailer – There are the systems mentioned in the regulation.

What systems are these?

These systems are the so-called dual systems. In total there are nine providers that are currently approved as dual systems in Germany. They mediate, so to speak, between the dealers and the end customers and take care that the packaging is brought back into the resource cycle.

How exactly is this done?

The packaging can be disposed of by all end customers free of charge in the appropriate collection points. Paper in the paper bin, plastics in the yellow sack and glass in the waste glass container. Since this system exists in parallel with the traditional household waste disposal, it is called "dual system". The costs for the disposal are borne by the dealers, who are distributed to all parties through a transfer. The amount depends on the quantity and type of packaging placed on the market.

What do you have to do as a trader?

As a trader you have to connect to a dual system. This is done by contract and indicating the approximate amount of packaging that is placed on the market. Once a year you have to report the final quantity and, if necessary, pay a small fee.

Which packaging do I need to license? Can I calculate the costs in advance?

Yes, just enter your quantities of your packaging staggered by material fraction in our Online Calculator for VerpackV A. There you will also find valuable tips for determining your packaging types. We calculate the costs for your individual packaging disposal in Germany easily and without obligation!

I send only a few packages. Do I have to do this anyway?

VerpackV does not foresee any limits – as soon as you put packaging on the market, you must join a dual system. For small quantities of packaging material, Ladnbell offers a simple and convenient solution! For only 75 euros per year you can license up to 150 kg of packaging – fast, simple and straightforward.


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